Self Publishing Authors Redress Quality Control

The concept of self publishing has become exceedingly popular and the difficulties in getting one’s book published through a publisher has made people opting the easy way out.

Self publishing might have played a major role in helping numerous dreams to come true. However, this has come at a huge cost to the publishing world.

One of the biggest flaws of self publishing is that more often than not, quality goes for a toss. Since these options do not have any entry barriers, almost 99% of the works fail to impress the readers.

Moreover, the self publishers often fail to implement proper measures for quality control such as proofreading, editing, typesetting and copy editing. As a result, the quality of the book is greatly compromised which leads to drastic fall in the popularity of the published book irrespective of its content.

The biggest reason for this drastic fall in quality is that while publishing houses make each work go through several rounds of control checks, the self publishers hardly give their work a second glance.

This is where acts as a boon for most self publishers. Unlike other services such as Create Space, Agora Publishing employs vastly experienced individuals to assist in the process of quality control which ensures that each work undergoes several rounds of editing to make it perfect for the readers.


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