Joerg Investigates Self Published Books

Joerg Colberg has a good article on his experience and comments from visitors on their encounter with, on demand printing of digital photography books (listed here).

“… the images inside the book resemble crap. They look like something printed on an incredibly inexpensive printer …”.

“What I do wish to point out is that while publishing books on demand could sound like an excellent tip, it is inevitably up to the photographer to perform quality control. And getting books published on need could in fact reduced the limit of the quality of photography books to a recognizable level …”.

“… I find it slightly shocking that while lots of professional photographers– especially those that grew up before the supposed electronic reformation– understand the names of specialist analog ink-jet printers, there does not seem a corresponding swimming pool of experienced digital printers.”.

If anyone knows of any top quality on demand digital photography publication authors it would certainly be good to become aware of it (or email Joerg so he may add to his article). The first books I started seeing with profiles came from. mac and I remember the photographer informing me she tried them all and. mac was the a single where the color was consistent. Uncertain exactly what occurred to them already I only find out about blurb, although I’ve just in fact seen a couple and they seemed fine however then again, I’m made use of to magazine printing.


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