Independent publishing is easy. Right?

There is a certain school of thought that recommends independent publishing is the simple choice, made use of by people who either cannot get a standard author or those who want to get their book out there with just the tiniest amount of effort.

To some extent, independent publishing isn’t that difficult. Striking the ‘publish’ button is simple. Some aspects of the publishing process might be brand-new, however they’re not all tough. They’re frequently something you could learn.

However whether certain skills and procedures are thought about to be ‘hard’ to find out and understand, what we can’t deny is that independent publishing includes effort.

Independent publishing may look similar to a simple course to some, but if you are actually serious about an occupation as an author– as many of us independent publishers are– it absolutely is not the easy option.

Initially, there’s the job of composing an actually good book that individuals actually wish to check out. Then there’s the job of learning how to self-publish a book. There’s the modifying and the proofreading and the formatting and the cover design and the rates and the advertising. There’s the challenge of discovering the best ways to deal with freelancers and companies on numerous elements of your work, of finding out ways to be a project supervisor and creative director, of budgeting both money and time to make every little thing work.

Then, it’s the simple bit. You press publish and guide is out there.

However then the simple bit ends. Then comes the advertising, the social networks management, the online reviews, the blog sites, the relentless quest to find readers, hoping that they’ll such as the book and worried that they will not. There’s the problem of ironing out finances and working out what to do if sales aren’t as wonderful as first hoped.

There’s the whole problem of writing another book.

Don’t get me wrong, none of this is a grievance. Independent publishing might be effort, however it’s still excellent. It’s excellent enjoyable and it’s worth every second of effort. The benefits can be exceptional and there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of achieving a goal and understanding that it’s all because of your own hard work. It’s fantastic.

However it’s not a simple choice.


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