7 things to do when self-publishing your book

There are whole lots and lots of things you need to do when self-publishing a book, from composing it in the first place to ironing out the financial side of things. The list below is by no suggests an exhaustive representation of exactly what you need to do when self-publishing a book, however hopefully it provides a little idea into getting started as an independent author …

Learn the basics

Think you comprehend publishing? Nevertheless, it never ever harms to go right back to the start and see to it you have all the understanding you need to publish your work. Pretend you’re a total beginner when it pertains to publishing. Discover the fundamentals, from exactly how e-book prices works to ways to format your book. No independent author can get very far without them.

Set targets

Giving yourself targets to work towards can help you to establish some sort of structure or plan for what you wish to attain. Your first target, for example, might be to obtain your book ready for publication. You may want to understand more about aristocracies. In the future in the process, you may have advertising and sales targets. Breaking it down like this can make the procedure more manageable and give you concrete things to work to– in addition to clear achievements.

Question, question, question

Do not be pleased with the initial draft of your book. Question it and edit it till you’re happy. Don’t be satisfied with any old editing/proofreading/cover design/formatting service. Question the abilities and qualifications of the people offering their services and ensure you get a good deal and a professional service. Believe in yourself, by all means, however always remember that along the way you should question your knowledge and take steps to fill in the gaps where necessary.

Try not to think too hard about the odds

Whether you opt for independent publishing or traditional publishing, the probabilities are stacked against brand-new authors. Attempt not to think too much about it; just focus on what you’re doing. There are a lot of individuals who’ll state that self-publishing will never ever get you anywhere, however you never ever know. If you write a good book and market it well, it could get you someplace. You can beat the chances.

Look for the very best sites and services

The internet is a fantastic place to learn about self-publishing and discover services that could help you in the process of publishing your book. Do your research and ensure you find out about the very best resources. Their help could be important.


If you desire your book to sell, individuals should know about it. Network with as many individuals as you can, from readers to market specialists, all whom could help you along the way.

Keep up with developments

Finally, never forget that independent publishing is a fast-moving sector that changes and develops all the time. Brush up on the most up to date information so you could maintain to date with what’s going on and ensure that you have the ability to respond where essential when it pertains to your very own work.

What do you think are the most crucial things you need to do when self-publishing a book?


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