Self eBook Publishing Tips

I just recently wrote a long e-mail to a friend who is aiming to publish his first book as as an ebook and asked me for some ideas. Over 1600 words later on, it dawned on me that other people may discover this information handy, so right here’s a somewhat modified variation.

This deals solely with publishing ebooks just. I may describe a comparable resource for self-publishing paper copies.

Copyright, ISBNs, imprints

You do not need to do anything to copyright composed work; in fact, there’s nothing you can do. Nevertheless, when you make a digital or paper copy, guarantee you have a copyright statement at the beginning (typically right after the title page/title matter). It looks like this:.

Awesome Story Title.

by Author Name.

Copyright 2012 Author Name.

Released by imprint.

ISBN 978-0-9999999-9-9.

You’ll observe two things: the “released by” and ISBN. The first is optional, the second obligatory.

When you self-publish, you are the publisher (apparent, I know). Some marketplaces (Amazon is one) include this information on the sales page. There’s nothing wrong with utilizing your name as the publisher.

This becomes specifically pertinent because it is the author that is responsible for acquiring the ISBN. All publications need one, and a different one per version (separate ISBNs for ebooks, paperbacks, hardcovers etc.) The majority of circulation techniques (Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, CreateSpace,– more about these later) will provide an ISBN for you, some with a charge, some without. In numerous cases you can find a method to obtain ISBNs free of charge.

However, if you are a Canadian publisher, you are entitled to free ISBNs. This is what I do– appoint my own ISBNs, which makes sure that I am constantly listed as the author. While I understand that Amazon et al haven’t implemented their rights to be listed as the publisher of work for individuals who used their ISBNs, they possibly could, therefore reducing your options if you wished to publish somewhere else or remove your work from their marketplace. Given Amazon’s current play to corner the ebook market further, I’m a little paranoid and like to manage my very own ISBNs. And, did I discuss it’s free of cost?

Canadians could set up an account and get a block of ISBNs at Canadian ISBN Service System (CISS)– Collection and Archives Canada If you are resident of the US, you can purchase blocks of ISBNs at Bowker. Homeowners of various other nations must get in touch with their very own governments’ websites, as Canada is not unique in providing this service to its locals.

Formatting eBook Info

Turning your composition into an ebook can be basic or complexed. There are pay-for services (Jim and Zetta are well respected, however I’ve never ever used them) who will take a composition and make ebooks for you. There are additionally programs, like Scrivener (which I utilize anyhow for composing) which will export in kindle (. mobi) and. epub formats.

You could likewise download Calibre, which is open source ebook library/conversion software. You might then utilize it to make ebook files from a. rtf variation of your composition, though you ‘d should thoroughly check the output.

Nevertheless, for many people there is most likely a much better approach, which is part of the next section.

An additional concern is the cover. If you’re an artist, you can do a fine task on your own, with some research about exactly what makes a great ebook cover. I’m not an artist and I did my own covers for my first three publications. I have actually worked with an artist the current one and the difference is unbelievable (I’m working with JT Lindroos and am extremely, very happy). There are several great resources on what creates a great ebook cover– I like this list at Unruly Guides. Also, check out the various ebook stores and the covers there. You could see exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Where/how to sell eBooks

I comprehend the reasoning that Amazon is the 900 pound gorilla of ebook sales, so one need to just stick with them. I do sell kindle variations of my publications directly through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, though if you aren’t a United States resident, I’m not sure I advise it. If you do not have an US (not US dollar, US bank) checking account, Amazon doesn’t send you any of your profits until you reach $ 100. However, if you do have an US checking account, the threshold is $ 10, and they’ll straight transfer the amount into your checking account.

Despite the US checking account thing, I still strongly recommend you take a major look at utilizing to convert and distribute your book. Thier company design is basically the same as Amazon’s: you give them a cut of each copy sold, and there are no upfront costs at all. Smashwords has the following benefits:.

  • They take a. doc copy of your composition and do the conversion to all ebook formats for you totally free.
  • They disperse by means of all the major ebook markets, consisting of Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, the Apple iBookstore, Kobo and others.
  • Your book appears on these partner marketplaces precisely the same as it would if you released there yourself.
  • If you need ISBNs, they will supply them for free.
  • Smashwords takes a slightly bigger cut of these dispersed copies (60/40 split), but pays via paypal quarterly for incomes over $ 10 USD, no matter where you live.
  • You could also sell directly on smashwords’ site for a greater cut of profits (85 %).
  • They create file formats which work for anyone with a computer– no have to limit your audience to individuals with Amazon Kindles (or any other specific hardware).

There a great rundown of exactly how the procedure works right here:

I publish with smashwords and am very pleased with them. If your manuscript is just structured (eg. all the chapters begin with the word “Chapter”) or you have MS Word and follow their detailed by easy directions for formatting, I think their conversion process is as good as any other.

If you are not a United States homeowner, you’ll need an US International Taxpayer Identification Number to sell on Amazon or smashwords. It took me a few months to get mine, so use early. You can get the application below [ pdf ] and more info at the IRS.


Oy. Among self-publishing circles, this is the topic with the most conversation and the least contract. Below’s what I can inform you: many of my books are costs at $ 2.99 USD. A new release I start out at $ 4.99 and decrease when the next one is coming soon. My first story is priced at 99 cents, however is also readily available for free download at various websites. I plan to reduce the price on the first book in my series to 99 cents when the 3rd book is launched in 2012.

Some individuals suggest that pricing your book “too low” indicates that readers expect it to be schlock. Others argue that a low shield to purchase ways more sales/readers, and there’s an entire school of thought about the 99 cents ebook – there are online forums and sites solely dedicated to free and 99 cents Kindle books.

Ebooks of books published by the huge 6 conventional houses are priced all over the place, numerous over $ 15-20. The agreement among ebook readers seems to be that it’s expensive and I agree. I don’t buy an ebook priced over $ 8 and $ 5 or less is my sweet spot. I’m quite economical, though, so not a great bellwether.

This is a tough question and I do not have the response. If you figure it out, please tell me. Exactly how you price your book depends a great deal on the answers to the next concern:.

Exactly what is your goal?

If you’re attempting to make a living as a writer, the above probably isn’t the best method to go. The typical route of agent -) traditional publisher will most likely net you even more cash if you’re successful and construct a career. Nevertheless, couple of people are, in fact, effective at developing a career that way.

If you just want individuals to review your work, you may do better releasing the story for free on websites like and I launched my first story on those websites and have actually had over 30,000 downloads on one website alone, plus dozens of outstanding evaluations. I probably got a couple of paying fans that way. I definitely got paying followers by releasing the books as a cost-free audiobook download, however that’s a lot of work. If it sounds enjoyable, look at the standards for authors at

If you’re wanting to make a non-living career out of writing (my own objective– it’s never ever visiting pay the bills, but it pays for itself with a bit left over), then going the pay-for ebook release is a great selection. You do need to be aware that simply making guide offered will not bring you readers. You have to discover ways to let people find out about it– get interviewed on podcasts about the kind of thing you compose, get recommended by similar authors etc.


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