Book Marketing Tip 4: Video Brings Your Message to Life

Among the most significant difficulties individual book authors deal with is connecting the key advantages their book may have to offer in a way that’s easy to understand and reaches a lot of people. If you wish to enhance your book sales consider including video to your marketing mix.

With video you can market to tens of hundreds of people instantaneously. Most importantly, audiences will understand your message better.

Columbia University sited that people:

  • are 5 times more most likely to evaluate your site if it has video.
  • are 80 % more most likely to purchase an item if provided through video.
  • retain up to 150 % more info if presented with video.

The reason video works is because it entertains while it educates. When marketing a book, the author could share key understandings included within the book to produce interest. The video can also include reviews from others who have actually reviewed the book or have made use of the details it includes.

Compared to various other media, video could also be utilized in over 21 various ways (consisting of email and social marketing, tradeshows, and on your internet site). Plus the same video can keep working for you 24 hours a day for years to come.


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