Book Marketing Tip 3: Using Social Media

Social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In have enjoyed amazing growth over the past few years. For people they are a great way to interact with one another. For independent book publishersthey represent a wonderful chance for creating additional book sales.

Social marketing has altered exactly how customers connect and how authors have to engage them. It’s not one means.

You could build a neighborhood around your book through discussion forums, newsgroups, and blog sites. Take part in conversations connected to the topics you covered. Note that you shouldn’t blatantly advertise you book, however you could sign posts with your website address. That will normally pique people’s interest, and it will additionally enhance your site’s search ranking.

Make favorable contributions to the neighborhood. If you are useful, individuals will want to see your site and purchase your book. If you are excessively self-promotional, it will have the contrary effect.

One concept, as I recommended in Tip 2, is to hand out a FREE chapter of your book.

Permit site visitors a possibility to “kick the tires” in exchange for them offering you their email address. Permit them to leave remarks to engage them further.

There is a great deal of cost-free discussion online forum management software to select from.

One very popular one is PhpBB ( An even simpler solution is to make use of a complimentary service such as Google Teams, to host and handle your online forum externally. Google Groups serves a dual purpose, as it features likewise as a mailing list.

As an author or publisher, you will likely be tracked down, and asked questions. By responding to concerns publicly, you can increase the likelihood of people discovering you and your internet site through search engines.

Take an energetic job in marketing your book. The web provides the means for anyone to make a considerable distinction in their book sales.


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