Book Marketing Tips 1: Taking Your Book from Kansas to Oz

Marketing has actually altered considerably in the last many years, making it tough for independent book authors to keep up. Even a few of the most competent publishers are making errors that are costing them tremendous time and money. The most significant challenge is that when it comes to marketing, a lot of individuals are still stuck in Kansas, yet the effective individual book publishers are following the yellow brick roadway with Oz.

Online Book Marketing: The globe will never ever be the same

In 1945 there were fewer than 7,000 working Television Set in the UNITED STATE Yet, less than 20 years later, 73 million audiences tuned in to view the Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. Television created a revolution in details and entertainment.

Now there’s a new transformation– the web

  • Net browsing has actually replaced tv as the primary leisure task.
  • Facebook expanded from 100 mil to 200 mil in less than 8 months. It now has over 900 million individuals.
  • Twitter has almost 500 million active users worldwide.
  • And over 4 billion YouTube videos are watched every day

For individual authors this can either over whelming or an unbelievable opportunity to cost successfully market their book.

Interact with clients

The greatest benefit is that it changes exactly how authors and publishers interact with clients. Present research leads us to think that online marketers need to dramatically rethink future strategies, moving their efforts toward actively engaging customers– online or offline– and not merely going for awareness or impressions.

65 % of consumers state having had a digital experience that either favorably or adversely changed their opinion about a brand.
Of that team, a virtually unanimous 97 % state that their digital experience affected whether or not they at some point purchased a services or product from that brand name.

Online book marketing matters

The world will never ever be the same. It’s now, it’s the future and it’s essential. In this series of articles Sentinel Printing will cover 5 methods to take your book marketing out of Kansas and get started on your means to Oz.


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