Book Marketing Tip 2: Connecting to Buyers with Email

An additional method to venture your method to even more book sales is with email marketing. As an independent book publisheryou wish to continually work at methods of developing your opt-in email list and reaching out to potential buyers.

According to research:

68 % of respondents have actually made purchases online after receiving e-mails.
66 % of customers indicated that getting an email was the best type of client service they got.

With statistics like these, it’s no marvel email remains to grow. When it concerns reaching your consumers, and constructing a relationship, absolutely nothing is as cost-efficient as email marketing.

The value in email marketing is that:

  • It’s simple and easy to use.
  • Can be extremely personalized.
  • It’s low cost.
  • Functions round the clock.
  • And produces much faster response. In fact, customers generally respond to email in 1-3 days versus 7-12 for direct mail.

Two Key Ways to Use Email Marketing

Two vital ways to administer email marketing is to target new consumers or keep in contact with existing ones.

For targeting new customers, spam laws have made it challenging to send out to individuals without consent. Instead, we suggest connecting with a magazine that reaches the same target audience that you do. Many publications additionally have an online version that they email together with other promotions. Lots of will take your email offer and send it to their audience for simply a couple of pennies a piece.

When sending out an email like this, see to it you have something special to offer– such as offering them a FREE chapter of your book. The individual would go to an unique page on your internet site where they would complete a basic form with their email address. Once complete, they would have the ability to view a total chapter of your book.


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