When Self-Published Ebooks Become Best-Sellers

Exactly what do publishers finish a world where anybody can publish a book? It’s a concern with a good answer.

What isn’t as clear is exactly what publishers finish a globe where anyone can be publish a best-seller. One of the interesting trends in the ebook revolution is that established authors who have had long-standing relationships with huge publishers have in some cases determined to desert those publishers and go it alone. A few of them have actually been so effective at it that they have actually made even more money doing it themselves than they ever did working with a big publishing house.

Take Bella Andre, for instance. She has been published by Hachette, Random Home and Simon & Schuster but has long since left the traditional posting world to go it alone. She told me earlier this year that she made over $ 1 million in 2011 and just recently told TIME Publication that she’s made $ 2.4 million this year. In the past 3 months, she has actually appeared on the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller List two times (right here and here).

Today, another self-published author with a long history posting with full-service publishers rocketed up the list. Stephanie Bond’s Stop the Wedding is currently the No. 6 best-selling ebook in the U.S. Bond has been published by HarperCollins, Macmillan, Random Residence and others. In the past couple of months, Bond has had numerous top-selling titles that have actually enhanced best-seller lists.

Publishers are obviously not overlooking the opportunity in self-publishing. Most just recently, Simon & Schuster determined to launch a self-publishing business in partnership with Author Solutions. Author Solutions is another good example of publishers trying to exploit self-publishing: One of the world’s largest self-publishing platform companies, Author Solutions was obtained by Penguin earlier in the year for over $ 100 million. Publishers are additionally making use of the self-publishing world as a brand-new source of ability. For instance, Simon & Schuster recently got the rights to disperse some self-published works by Colleen Hoover (Pounded and Point of Hideaway) and Penguin went on and obtained the rights to publish Tammara Webber’s self-published hit Easy.

At $ 0.99, Quit the Wedding isn’t your common ebook best-seller. A lot of ebook best-sellers are released by the biggest publishers on the planet and sell for over $ 10.00. So, the book isn’t really racking up the incomes like the big boys– but it is racking up the readers which’s something worth taking note of.


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