Impressive Book Promo for Indie Authors

You’re an indie, right? So are you blazing your own path or merely following the herd, hoping for a break-through? I don’t hold out much hope for a break-through. I’m not one to get lottery tickets. I do not squander my time finding out how to game the system or master the most up to date sure means to get more likes. For me, the best opportunity of success is to completely embrace how it suggests to be an indie: I’m not just an author, I’m an entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurs, I think, are naturally suspicious of anything that works well for every person else. Which is why I’m not a blog writer. I tried it, however I couldn’t stick with it and my contributions were mostly uninspired. I have 5 fans despite much promo. Besides, everybody else had currently established their blogs and I came late to the party. When something is on the order of business for ways to succeed, it’s late. The trail-blazer has already done it, along with all of the early risk-takers who understood who to follow. By the time the help becomes commonplace it is too common to be considered impressive.


Blogging is not impressive, not any longer. Blog site radio is a newer location, and I have actually added my very own radio program to the growing number of radio programs on the Internet. Doing the same thing in a somewhat various method is not what I mean by ingenious.

Advancement is about doing something that is really brand-new, and uniquely you. To begin, learn more about your target market, do not attempt to be like every person else, think outside of the box, go with your mojo, etc. (include your own marketing guidance cliche). If you are having a marketing id, I motivate you to return to Marketing 101 and define your target market. Take a few company courses if you aren’t sure of yourself. Essentially, the heart of marketing can be summed up with one question: Why do your followers like you? Discover how they such as and provide them exactly what they desire.

My target market likes my energy, humor, and creative mind. I understand this due to the fact that I pay attention to feedback and testimonials. I additionally pay attention to which of my social media posts get the most suches as and which of my tweets get re-tweeted. My fan base isn’t curious about my attempts to compose articles about posting (crickets!) or my musings about life in general. They don’t care about my side projects either (non-fiction books). These missteps are not a problem. As a business owner I could re-invent my advertising plan at any time.

I understood that I needed to tap into what my target market wishes from me, so taking note of what they responded to was crucial. I found out that my fan base likes it when I am dynamic, fun, and interactive. Always bear in mind: If you aren’t providing your readers exactly what they wish, you are unlikely to draw in the kind of readers who will like your work. You’ll understand when you’ve hit upon something they such as – they will respond.

Here are some examples of ingenious jobs that have actually worked well for me:.


I made a “Pick Your Own Mystery” game, free of cost on my website. It was wonderful fun to put together and it ties into my collection. This idea has actually worked so well that I’m adding regular installments to the game. I have a strong spirit of playfulness and a restless spirit that is afraid dullness. Producing games is a good obstacle for me and my natural excitement about the project beams with. (You have to try it. Will you resolve it on the first go?).
Games are not brand-new. Interactive tales are not a brand-new idea either. The mix of these 2 makes the concept more distinct. Bringing this task to a vacuum on my very own internet site? Now we’re getting impressive. Tying it into my collection? That’s where it comes to be uniquely mine! Take a big idea and customize it. Make it smaller sized and smaller sized till it is distinctly your concept.


I also host contests. Big deal, everybody is doing these, right? Not like this! My contests are innovative due to the fact that they are uniquely mine. My existing contest is called “Who’s Gonna Perish?”. The Serena Wilcox Puzzle character getting the most reader votes receives immunity from getting bumped off in the next novel. What offers this contest an included twist is that numerous of the characters were named after, or motivated by, readers. These readers desire resistance for “their” character and have actually been campaigning to get their friend and family to elect them.

The element of fun is high since the contest is personal. I’m not giving away Kindles or other products unconnected to my series. I’m additionally not giving away copies of my publications– my readers already have my publications. I’m distributing something that motivates readers to invest in my series: I welcome my readers to become part of my collection.


One last location I ‘d like to discuss is tying your other skills and interests (not related to composing) into your advertising efforts. Currently been done? Well, yes, but not like this. I do not suggest expert tie-ins, like retired law enforcement who write thrillers. I don’t indicate hobbies like crafts or genealogy either. Those are things that one can pick up a textbook or how-to book for. What I’m getting at is something far more personal, something of yourself that you can share with your readers.

Possibly your “something of yourself” is your law enforcement career, or a hobby like craft making or genealogy. Exactly what matters is that you connect these things as securely as you could to yourself and your books. Make certain that you aren’t so hectic notifying your readers about your credentials that you forget to place enough of yourself into your tie-in. The even more of yourself you could add to your work, the more unforgettable you will be.

I am a mystery author in an ocean of secret writers. My recent publications cross over into the thriller category – the ocean is now a Great Lake. My publications also consist of a bit of sci-fi, futuristic and dystopian literature. Ah, I might have struck river size now. You see that I’m still swimming in a really huge body of water. I need to dig deeper, beyond exactly what I compose.

There are many authors in my genre, however there is only one author of mystery, thriller, sci-fi, dystopian tales who is additionally an oil painter, singer, drummer, and tap professional dancer. That one author who is all of these things is Natalie Buske Thomas. I are among a kind!

Some side jobs lend themselves well to the production of guides themselves. I recently understood that I must be painting guide covers for my publications! I video clip taped my progress from blank canvas to complete project. My readers enjoyed the painting for Covert Coffee develop. The whole job was interactive, stimulating, and an additional possibility for readers to obtain to know me.

I tie my other skills and interests into my publications by including them in the series. I share the individual motivation back-story with my readers. Video clips of my family band, my tap dancing, and my vocal singing are on my site: My (beyond book covers) oil paintings are in public galleries and also online: I relate everything together in one huge ball of “me” when I do any type of public speaking weddings and I provide myself through this in bios, social media profiles, etc

. Beyond advertising yourself and your publication, it ought to go without stating that you should first have a well-written and well-packaged book. Nonetheless, if you have actually currently launched your composing profession and you are asking yourself why you haven’t yet reached your goals, possibly you have to re-frame your understanding of what it implies to be an independent author.

As an indie, you are not simply an author, you are an entrepreneur. Take a big idea and make it smaller sized; an increasing number of personal till it comes to be really brand-new, distinctly you. Not just will you be an ingenious promoter, however you’ll be much happier too! Isn’t really that why you came to be an indie in the first place, to do exactly what you love?

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